Ocean Jet Skiing in Destin, Florida: Destin Beach Trip Mini Guide

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Destin and the entire Florid Panhandle have a ton of very underrated beaches! If you’re looking for white sand, and bright blue water, this is the spot! And it’s a pretty affordable vacation spot!

I’ve been to the Panhandle a handful of time and it’s been a blast for all of them!

Pro tip: it’s dirt cheap in the winter months. I got a condo across the street from the beach… with a pool and hot tub for $40 a night! It’s a little chillier that time of year but I still got some 70+ degree days.

This previous time, I went in mid June! It was hot but the water there is super refreshing. Cold enough to cool you off but hot enough to where you can comfortably swim for an extended period of time! I got a lot of swimming in!

We spent a couple days relaxing on the beach. There’s something so special about sitting by the water… it’s so therapeutic and peaceful! I needed this escape after the wrath of 2020! Lol.

I brought my portable solar charger, works great with any USB! Starts charging instantly too. I was recommended this specific one for traveling and hiking. It folds up to about the size of a notebook!

There was beach access at the Fairfield in that’s easily accessible to non-guests. Just make sure you are respectful and don’t use their small parking lot! There are plenty of places to park and walk from alone the same street.

We started getting for dinner and realized the sun was setting! I never miss an opportunity to catch a sunset. The little things can help ground you and bring your joy! Don’t forget to make time for them.

Low quality photo. High quality sunset

Local Food Stops

We went to a local, family owned restaurant that had delicious seafood! The scallops were seared perfectly and the crab was delicious! (although I’m very picky with crab after growing up with family on the beach and catching them myself, but still good!).

We dressed up because we hadn’t been out in a while because of COVID, but you can definitely dress casual at this place too! Whatever your beautiful heart desires.

The place was decorated with soulful African American artwork! It was beautiful and unique all at once.

Jet Ski Time!

On our final day, we decided we needed an adrenaline-filled adventure! I crave a good rush, I love cliff jumping too.We found a family owned Jet Ski spot!It’s very important to me to support local businesses if I can! Restaurants, activities, shopping, all of it!

Power Up Watersports is where we went They also rent Pontoons! And other things, check out their website. It’s JUST over the 98 Bridge that goes over the Santa Rosa Sound, on the island side! You take off right under the bridge and head into the sound.

They have you watch a TV course before you go (liability) and then explain it again once you get on the Jet Ski.

We checked in and did the training and had an hour to kill before our ride. We got a quick sandwich and shared it at a picnic table right outside the Jet Ski rentals!

The sandwich you all know you wanted to see.

This was such an amazing experience for me! I hadn’t been on a Jet Ski since I was a kid. It was such a thrill doing it in the ocean instead of the lake!

There were a lot of smooth straight always that I went up to 50mph on. I have a neeeeed for speed and adrenaline. I went slow for the first 20 minutes to get a feel for it! And I also slowed down when I was close to other water crafts and big waves.

We found a few sand bars out on the sound where we parked and jumped off to swim! We could reach out in the middle, which was pretty cool! The color changes in the water were mesmerizing too! Make sure to wear some cheap sunglasses! Mine flew off and we weirdly found them lol.

Jumped off the jet ski to swim at a sand bar

We finished, ran back and showered (we packed our bags before) and headed to the airport with wet hair and sweat pants! Anything to squeeze an extra hour of adventure in on any trip is worth it!

Stay safe and stay groovy!

Feel free to email me with any specific questions or just comment below! I love to connect with new people (no spam at all I promise).

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