Utah Hot Springs: Fifth Water

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I had seen a lot of photos of these bright blue hot springs on Instagram but didn’t know where to find them! Luckily, one of my best friends lives in Salt Lake City and she knew exactly where these springs were! We packed our backpacks up early Super Bowl Sunday and headed for the springs in hopes that they wouldn’t be too busy. Ya know, since super bowl Sunday is pretty much a holiday in America.

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The Adventure Up

On a clear and warm day, this is a pretty easy hike! On the other hand, if it’s snowy or icy…. not so much. Definitely bring some spikes if it’s winter. Also, in the winter plan on hiking an extra 1.3 miles each way, part of the road is closed during the snowy season. Any other time of year should be easy breezy.

It’s a pretty flat hike for the most part but there are a few steep parts that got pretty sketchy. I fell 5 or 6 times on this hike, which is pretty unusual. I think I may have been a little over confident walking.

The entire hike goes along the stream and is extremely beautiful. The water is very blue, and with the contrast of the snow it makes it pop even more! You know you are starting to get close to the springs when you start seeing some light teal and more variety of colors in the water.

There are several different pools you can choose from. My personal favorite is the dark green one (sounds weird I know), it was the perfect temperature, pretty much exactly like a hot top! The further up you go, the hotter they get.

My friend and I also swam in the pool in the waterfall. It’s not quite as hot as the others, but the luke-warm water felt great for a cool down.

We sat up there and relaxed for hours! It was so amazing. We brought a few beers (don’t worry we always carry our trash out) and some sandwiches. I would do this hike a millions times over again! It was so beautiful and so peaceful.

What to Bring

  • Your beautiful body
  • Hiking shoes or shoes with good grip. I wear these and highly recommend them: Women’s Explore WP Hiking shoe.
  • LOTS OF WATER. Hot springs will dehydrate you and you still have a long hike back to your car. Bring more than you think you would need. I have a Hydroflask and a Camel Back.
  • Snacks. Whenever I go on a long hike or to a hot spring, I always bring a snack. I eat it at the top or wherever the main destination is. It gives a good boost of energy for the hike back.
  • Winter gear: Spikes (Click here for the exact ones I have that are affordable), trekking poles, beanie, gloves, warm jacket, and snow pants if there is a lot of snow!
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  • Fifth water hot springs are located just outside of Provo Utah or about 1.5 hours from Salt Lake City.
  • Take hwy 15 until you see the exit for hwy 6. Follow Hwy 6 Until you get to Diamond Fork Rd, follow the road all the way to the end and park in the parking lot.
  • I recommend downloading the All Trails app and typing in “Fifth Water Hot Springs”, it’ll pull up exact location through whatever maps app you have!
  • If you keep your maps running, it’ll keep the GPS running even if you run out of service, which you will out there!

Safety Tips

  • Always tell someone the exact location of where you are going; you never know what is going to happen.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you.
  • Always trust your gut. If something or someone seems off, follow your instinct and do what your body is telling you.
  • If the trail is extremely icy, I would recommend saving the hike for a different day. Some of the worst icy spots have  cliff into the water on the edge.

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Arizona Hiking and Hot Springs: The Lone Palm on the Colorado


This hike was very challenging but oh so worth it! This is one of those hikes where you really need to listen to the reviews on All Trails and be prepared!

There is hardly a trail to follow so it’s extremely easy to get off course once you’re fully into the trail (the start isn’t too bad). Make sure you track your hike with your all trail app so that you can tell if you are going the right way or not.

I got off trail SO many times and wouldn’t of made it if I couldn’t use my app to find my way back. I rarely track my hikes but I wouldn’t recommend this hike without doing it! It’s easy to do.

Make sure you start to record your while you have service. I had service at the parking lot of this trailhead so I started it there. It still works if you loose service AFTER you have started it.

In this article I will be going over do’s and don’ts for this confusing hike. I took pictures of the spots of where I went the wrong way so other people can avoid them. I’ll post them below!


This hike is located inside the Lake Mead Nation Recreational area, which is about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. This park is in both Nevada and Arizona; the hike is just over the boarder on the Arizona side, right off the main highway! It’s extremely easy to get to.

Coming from either way on HWY 93, you will take exit two onto Kingman Wash Access road. The trailhead is just off to the west side of the hwy, I would guess about .2 miles from the main HWY.

What to Bring

  • Water, WATER, and more water! I drank 140oz on this hike. The air is dry, the weather is hot and it’s a hard hike. Bring more than you normally would for a hike. Don’t let the 4 mile trek fool you into bringing less. Camel backs are great for hard hikes. If you don’t want to buy or use the camel back backpack, you can buy a bladder and secure it in your regular backpack and slip the hose through a small gap in the zipper. Click here for a bladder, they are very affordable.
  • Hiking shoes with good grip! The rocks are slippery. I have some badass keens, here are the ones I have… they have great traction and grip!
  • Snacks. I always bring snacks on every hike I do, you never know when you’re going to need an energy boosts. Snacks are great for this.
  • Swimsuit (optional)
  • Towel (optional)
  • Backpack for all your belongings. Keep your hands free incase you slip or fall!
The hotspring on the end here in warm, not hot but great for staying in for long periods of time, especially on a warm day!

The Adventure Up! (with my mistakes and tips)

Believe me when I say that this hike was a real doozy! Physically it’s doable but very confusing. Make sure you leave early so that you have plenty of sunlight for the hike back to your car.

I started this hike right away going the wrong way. I went right at the trailhead…. That leads to a cliff. Go left and follow it around in what looks to be like an old riverbed. I followed it right once I got to the split off.

I followed the riverbed for about 1.5-2 miles. I continued to follow it too far… went through this little canyon:

…. Which lead to this branch… which I then climbed down stupidly. DO NOT GO DOWN THE BRANCH. If you see the brand…. Probably about 15-20ft, you have gone the wrong way… but only by a little bit, don’t worry. I was able to find an easier way to get back where I went the wrong way.

View from the bottom of the tree I climbed down… don’t be like me lol.

Instead of turning right down this canyon, go straight up the gravel hill. It doesn’t look like much of a trail until you go up it a little. You’ll see some rock sharon’s (Those balanced rock towers) and you’ll know you are going the right way.

Go up and over that hill. Make sure you continually check your app to make sure you are going the right way… I checked mine every few minutes and still got off track. I can’t emphasize how important this is on this specific trail!

One of the only parts of the trail were it actually looks like a trail.

Keep following the rock sharon’s and the app until you see the Colorado River and the small stream going into it.

Once you get to the stream, you are going to walk along the stream until you find the two separate hot spring pools. One is further back away from the river and fits about two people, it’s hotter than the other.

The second one is all the way down at the end towards the Colorado. It’s bigger but more of a luke-warm, which is perfect temperature in this part of the country usually. It overlooks the river and turns into a waterfall where you rest your back. It was so amazingly beautiful.

There was people in it when I first got to it so I deicded to follow the little trail down to the river to see the Lone Palm up close. The trail down in this section has a ton of thorn bushes so be careful, I got a few minor cuts.

The Colorado river right here is a beautiful emerald color and super clear! I don’t think I have ever seen water in a river that looks this beautiful. Pretty places make me feel oh so jazzy!

I cracked an IPA and relaxed in the sunshine, swam a little and took some photos. 

After about an hour I headed back up to the bigger hot spring with the waterfall, the girls that were in it before had left so I hopped in! It was perfect temperature for relaxing for a long time on a 70-degree day.

I decided to go back the same way I came since I had such a hard time finding the trail. I was alone and didn’t want to get lost in the dark incase my phone died. I got lost way less on the way back but still got off track about 3-4 times. Look out for those rock sharon’s, they are super helpful if you are on the lookout for them. Build more if there are some confusing areas. I built a few more when I was on the hike!

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Northern Idaho Natural Hot Spring: Geothermal Waterfall at Jerry Johnson Springs

hiking, Hot Springs, idaho, Pacific North West

There is nothing quite like relaxing in an all-natural hot spring in the middle of the mountains while it’s snowing. It’s a dream… well for me!

One of the many hot springs at this location.

I was told about these hidden hot springs from some locals while I was living in Montana. I seem to find the best and most beautiful when I rely on locals rather than the Internet. Not everyone wants to share all of his or her hidden gems with the world, but luckily for you I’m willing to share a few. If I hear of them being trashed in anyway, I will remove all the locations on my posts! Leave no trace.

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Getting to the Springs

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs are located of Hwy 12 in Northern Idaho, just outside of Lolo Montana. You can get to them driving from Lewiston Idaho or from Lolo Montana. TIP: If you are going in the winter time, double check online to make sure the Hwy is open so that you can actually get to them.

If you are having a hard time finding the exact location, download the AllTrails app (green icon). This app shows pretty much any hiking trail you can imagine, and they include reviews, photos and other important information. Once you have the app, type in Jerry Johnson Hot Springs and once you find it, click on directions and it should open up into whichever map app you use on your smartphone.

Video of the steamy waterfall gushing into the hot spring.

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There isn’t service, so make sure not to end your GPS because you won’t be able to get the directions again once you hit the mountains… or even sooner. I didn’t have service for a good while. And yes, your maps should still continue to work if keep it going even if you don’t have service.

Once You Are at the Springs

There is a marked parking lot with a restroom at the trailhead; you can’t miss it if you know where you are going.

Make sure to bring A LOT of water. I usually bring my Hydroflask to hot springs, it keeps my water super cold regardless if its in the hot spring with me or not.

The hot springs are about a mile in so make sure you have shoes built for hiking… or snow if there’s snow. You can’t see the hot springs directly from the trail but you can see the steam and find your way down to them once you get to that point in the hike.

There are some pretty icy spots in the winter, and a few minor steep spots. My micro spikes helped so much! They hook right over my hiking boots.

The hot spring I went to in my photos was in the first set of springs (There’s bigger ones further up). These ones aren’t always accessible because the creek water gets too high certain times of the year. I went in the first week of January; I think winter would be a safe bet! But there are other very beautiful ones you can go to even if that one isn’t there.

The water was about the same temperature you would expect a hot tub to be. I even got hot and had to get my upper body out of the water from time-to-time to cool off.

Don’t be intimidated if there are a lot of cars in the parking lot. Not everyone is there for the springs; it’s also a beautiful hike. I had the spring all to myself and saw tons of people hiking. My brother said the same thing when he went.

Be sure to bring a lot of water! The combination of hiking and sitting in a hot spring can dehydrate you very quickly. It’s also smart to bring a dry bag (they make dry bags specifically for this) for your phone and keys, there are not a lot of fully dry areas to set your still, the springs are right on the river!

Have fun and stay safe!

Get the Hydroflask I have on Amazon

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