Grand Canyon National Park: That Time an Elk Hiked With Me

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This was my first time ever going to The Grand Canyon, so you could say I was pretty stoked! 

Home Girl Mary (towards the end of the day).

I got up early where I was staying, in Flagstaff, which is just a little over an hour from the park! I threw on my spandex and USA hat and hit the road! I knew I was going to be going to a lot of parks that summer so I picked up a National Park Pass. It’s usually $20 per car each time, or you can buy the year long pass for $75. It makes more sense to me to buy the year long one! 

I had Charles, my cat, with me so I was only planning on staying on the paved areas along the rim. I don’t like to bring him on heavily trafficked hikes, I usually end up carrying him lol. He can be anti social. 

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We started walking and within the first 10 minutes or so we saw a beautiful female elk! She was about 20 yards from us. I could feel Charles getting stress, so I put him in my backpack and covered him with my flannel. He enjoys it and it calms him down. 

We continued walking and a few minutes later, a guy coming from in front of me started pointing. I looked behind me and Mary, what I named the elk, was RIGHT behind me. She seemed very docile and calm… but ya know I was on a cliff at The Grand Canyon so I was a little stressed to say the least.

I’ve been around a lot of wild life in my days, but nothing like this!

She started to fall further behind and I relaxed. I packed a lunch. Charles and I found a nice rock to sit off just off the side. I let him out to stretch (with his harness and leash). All the sudden my cat starts making this weird howling noise. I looked behind me and MARY was right there! 

Luckily I had my bear spray on me, it gave me some peace of mind! I kept it in my hand the whole time she was near. Elk can get agitated and aggressive. I always bring it, even when there aren’t bears. It works for bad humans and other animals!

Bear Spray on Amazon

Not to mention… I was sitting about 3 feet from the cliff at this point. She was grazing and kept moving closer. She started grazing next to me. It was almost like she was a third wheel to Charles and I for lunch lol.

Sitting right on the cliff as she approached us.

I covered Charles with my flannel and tried to get him into my backpack while she was a little further away. Which worked.

She was still super calm and walked around the little area I was in. When she was about 30 yards away, I got up and went back to the trail. And little to my surprise, she followed me again! Man, I must smell good or something. 

She walked right next to me for a long time! Every time I stopped, she would stop. She grazed her head on my shoulder one time (I never touched her, I would never touch a wild animal). 

Got more relaxed as it went on. Mary was a home girl.

I took a joke picture to make it look like I was being chased to send to my parents hahaha, they had just Face Timed me right before telling me  not to do anything stupid.

Mom and elk is trying to kill me! 😉

And to end the day with a bang, I met some Brits who gave me a good laugh! Check it out. (inappropriate satire, don’t worry they were with their parents, they post a lot of comedy videos).

This day will forever be something that I will never forget. I was at one of the most iconic nature locations in the world, and got to be up close to a big beautiful animal. I’m truly blessed! 

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5 thoughts on “Grand Canyon National Park: That Time an Elk Hiked With Me

  1. It’s all kewl,
    I’ll bet a thousand dollars you read the book about the girl hiking the Pacific Coast Trail,
    I read it a couple years ago, I can’t think of her name or the title of the book but I’m gonna dig it out.
    She was a helluva writer…
    I’ll be scouting your tales too.


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